Authentic Bali Cultural Journey: Penglipuran Village, Kintamani, Tirta Empul & Culinary Delights – 20 Oct


Immerse yourself in Bali’s rich culture with our exclusive tour. Begin with a convenient hotel pick-up at 9:00 AM and visit the picturesque Penglipuran Village, where you can rent traditional Balinese attire. Continue to Kintamani Penelokan for stunning views of Mount Batur. Enjoy a delightful lunch at Grand Puncak Sari. Next, experience the spiritual ambiance of Tirta Empul Temple, with an optional Melukat purification ritual. Conclude your day with a sumptuous dinner at Mang Engking Ubud. This tour offers a perfect blend of cultural immersion, scenic beauty, and culinary delights. Book now for an unforgettable Balinese adventure!


Tour Itinerary:

  • Pick-up from the hotel at 9:00 AM
  • Visit to Penglipuran Village + Traditional Balinese Costume Rental
  • Explore Kintamani Penelokan
  • Lunch at Grand Puncak Sari
  • Visit to Tirta Empul Temple (Melukat purification available)
  • Dinner at Mang Engking Ubud
  • Return to the hotel

Melukat is a traditional Balinese purification ritual aimed at cleansing the body, mind, and spirit. The word “melukat” comes from the Balinese word “lukat,” which means to cleanse or purify. This ritual involves bathing in holy spring water, usually at a sacred temple such as Tirta Empul, and is performed to remove negative energies, seek spiritual renewal, and bring about peace and balance. Participants often pray and make offerings during the ceremony, which is an important aspect of Balinese Hindu culture and spirituality.